• pitch the tune – DJ Don Fabyo

    pitch the tune – DJ Don Fabyo

    DJ Don Fabyo is a music project by music producer Fabian Noll.
    As early as 1998, Fabian Noll worked on various projects such as “Waveflyer”, “Aggro Freestyle Music” and others in the “Noll Town City Records” studio in the Plön district.
    Fabian Noll currently lives and works on Mallorca and has dedicated himself to themusic genre trance, deep house, EDM chill/lounge. DJ Don Faby is currently writing an album “Summer Vibes 2022” which consists of
    12 chillout & ambient songs. One of the first tracks is already finished and is called “I can feel the Summertime”. The track has 120 BPM and contains saxophone
    elements. It confirms a typical IBIZA style.

    But the latest song by DJ Don Fabyo –pitch the music–
    is dedicated to “minimal house music”.

    DJ Don Fabyo -pitch the music


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